People don’t actively seek out email lists to join. They need to be presented with an opportunity and a reason to sign-up.

Opportunity arises each time someone interacts with your business. The most obvious example is when they’re visiting your website. The best results come when you place this form (or a link to it) prominently on every page of your site.

You can also use social networks to promote your emails, by:

  • Alerting your network to what’s coming in your next emai
  • Posting links to your signup form
  • Embedding the form itself  in your social network profile pages.

You should also consider natural wait times as optimal places for getting people to sign up:

  • Have a paper form or iPad ready at reception, tradeshows or checkout to collect addresses.
  • Ask if people would like to join during customer service calls.
  • Include the link to the form on invoices and receipts and in the signatures appended to staff emails.

However, while the opportunity to subscribe is important, so is selling the benefits of doing so.

Most people won’t sign-up just for “our email newsletter”, but they will sign-up for “Exclusive offers and discounts”, or “Hairstyling tips and tricks.”

Be explicit and honest. Doing so will ensure a lasting relationship both by email and in person.