To help you understand the details of your report, here are the specifics of your reporting details:

  • Open - The campaign was viewed by the recipient. What counts as an open? 
  • Unopened - The campaign was delivered but not opened by the recipient.
  • Bounce - The campaign was not delivered successfully. Various reasons may affect the delivery of a campaign, and most bounce messages are returned with information on the error.
  • Unsubscribed - Who unsubscribed from your campaign.
  • Spam - The campaign was marked as spam by the recipient - available by provider.
  • Forward - The campaign was forwarded by the recipient to a friend. This is done via the [FORWARD] action tag.
  • Sent (sometimes appears as in_queue) - Means the email was delivered successfully.
  • Clicks - Who clicked on what link.
  • Social - Number of times your campaign was shared on Twitter/Facebook.